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                    WHAT IS  A ZIPPY PET? 
It is a battery powered ride animal
See Zippy pets at malls and fairs
People wait hours to ride 3mins for many dollars
Zippy pets can carry 300lbs
Grandpa can drive grandchild
Mom can drive child
ages 1day to oldest living person can ride
Check out more pictures and facts by clicking on the web site below

Have Elle to your club get together,holiday party
fair,fund rasier  or holiday celebration. Elle's is fun
everywhere for anything.
Elle rides on flat ground. Elle does not have the power to climb hills. Because Elle is safe for children to drive, she does not have brakes,she comes to a slow stop,Elle does not ride on down hill.Elle does not ride on the grass or gravel,she needs a smooth surface like the sidewalk or street.Let me let you know if your party is right for Elle

Attendant and Ellie 1hour.....$150.00

plus travel fee
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